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Samantha Fox

Samantha Fox Poster #TBT

In the 80's, this Samantha Fox poster hanging on my bedroom wall helped me become a man.It is now considered a "rare item" on Ebay going for $19.99.I would … [Read More...]


Drive Ins

Drive Ins & The Rose #TBT

I remember going to drive ins often with my parents, it was always fun and where I saw Star Wars for the first time.They always had double features which I would … [Read More...]


All I wanted was to eat my chicken fingers in bed.

I have fucking had it with hormones. I'm generally a tough guy, and here I am crying myself to sleep, feeling like a pregnant woman because of some fucking chicken fingers.So my parents go out to this fancy resteraunt, (also, fuck everything about the word … [Read More...]

The stupidity of others amazes me

So my cousin, that I do not get along with, moved in with me and my grandma to get away from drugs. But my grandma said we needed to eat more red meat, she asked what that was, my grandma said beef. After a few minutes my cousin said "lets make a meatloaf" my … [Read More...]

I was in the lines!

I park in a parking ramp when I go to work. Today, I parked in compact parking. Although I do not drive a bug or a prius, I also do not drive a truck or a mini van. Just a buick. When I finished my shift, I came back to my car to see a note on my window saying … [Read More...]

Nothing makes me more angry than lazy people

I realise that I've complained about being tricked into working overtime when it wasn't necessary, but this one cunt nugget pisses me off the most. I've ranted about him before in here and I suspect I will keep on ranting u til either he leaves the team/firm, … [Read More...]

Too smart to be a lesbian

If you hadn't gathered, i'm a lesbian. I was not a permanent employee of the place so nothing much came of this. On with my rant, An ex-coworker of mine and I were having a conversation. He said something like "how are you gonna keep the guys away" referring … [Read More...]

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