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Older guys looking at younger girls..

Hey, i know this is controversial, but from a young guys point of view, just letting off some steam. Am I the only one who hates seeing older men, ugly, fat, balding looking at or being with younger attractive girls? Like in porn seeing a hairy or older out of … [Read More...]

I’m so tired of this heat I might cry. 

I fucking hate this. I live in Sweden. Summers should not be this fucking warm. I hate it. It would be OK if, like other normal people, I had 5 weeks of paid vacation when I could just lay on the beach and do nothing, but nooooooo. I got 1,5 week off, the rest … [Read More...]

I have to pay for condoms that i didn’t buy…

So basically, there's a website here in The Netherlands (and i think in other countries aswell) where you can order free condoms.My friend was fucking around in the computerlab. He had a pop-up where you could order 10 free condoms. You only had to fill … [Read More...]

Parents down South….

So I am from Chicago but live in Louisiana. I am not really religious and politically a bit more liberal than most folks down here are. As a preface, I am not really pro or anti gun control. I think there should be much harder restrictions and severe laws than … [Read More...]

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