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Samantha Fox

Samantha Fox Poster #TBT

In the 80's, this Samantha Fox poster hanging on my bedroom wall helped me become a man.It is now considered a "rare item" on Ebay going for $19.99.I would … [Read More...]


Drive Ins

Drive Ins & The Rose #TBT

I remember going to drive ins often with my parents, it was always fun and where I saw Star Wars for the first time.They always had double features which I would … [Read More...]


I bust a vein and my farts changed forever.

A few months ago I bust a vein in my anus. It was really painful but after a few days it got better.. But it left my arsehole with a slightly different shape. I used to be able to do big bassy farts, but now I can only do high-pitched, trumpety … [Read More...]

What the hell is up with Boy Meets World?

I've been watching a few episodes of Boy Meets World and the sequel series, Girl Meets World, and I have no idea what the fuck is going on.I think all the characters are on hallucinogens, because they often speak in proverbs and life lessons. What 11 year … [Read More...]

Movie talkers

So, I'm sitting at home with a friend, watching a movie, it's not the greatest of movies, but it's enjoyable.When my friend just starts talking, not even about the movie, about how his cat keeps meowing whenever he's trying to go to sleep.Quite kindly, … [Read More...]

All I wanted was to eat my chicken fingers in bed.

I have fucking had it with hormones. I'm generally a tough guy, and here I am crying myself to sleep, feeling like a pregnant woman because of some fucking chicken fingers.So my parents go out to this fancy resteraunt, (also, fuck everything about the word … [Read More...]

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