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Pizza Rolls

A rant on pizza rolls!

Alright. First off, let me say pizza rolls is my favorite fucking food group. They delicious n shit. But something fucking irks me but these fuckers. What dumb shit … [Read More...]



Screwed by the Pittsburgh Police

Okay, I'll try to shorten this as best I can. On Friday night I told my parents that I was sleeping over at my friends house and picking up my girlfriend in the morning, but instead i drove to my girlfriends dorm and spent the night there. I parked in the … [Read More...]

Please stop picking at my butt.

I have a long, lovely skirt I sometimes wear. It has a bustled skirt. Not huge, It has 5 ties that pull the skirt up. I have had one or two comments in the past, someone thinking it's caught. I explain, and no problem. Today, in church, I had 4-5 … [Read More...]

I fucking hate when tone deaf people sing!

Oh my fucking god is it annoying when tone deaf people sing. I never really realized it until I heard both my band directors try singing the melody of a march we're playing and it was fucking annoying. Now that I've started noticing it, I hate when my … [Read More...]

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