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Fuck Miley

Just for the record Miley... Nikki Minaj has a better ass than you so when she's twerking in her new Anaconda video it's a true to form turn on. Unlike your flat boney ass who just tries too got dayum hard. Get over yourself and smoke a big fat one. … [Read More...]

Fuck why the fuck does she need to buy souvenirs?

Pardon my language on this one but it pisses me off to no end. I recently went on vacation with my spouse of 4 years. We love to travel and are trying to do more and more of it but I am hesitant. She has this huge problem where she has to get those shitty … [Read More...]

Fucking late people! 

What is so goddamn hard about being on time?! I understand being a couple minutes late occasionally. Maybe there was heavy traffic or the dog got out. Maybe your alarm didn't go off or the shower felt so amazing that you lingered too long. It happens. But an … [Read More...]

Older guys looking at younger girls..

Hey, i know this is controversial, but from a young guys point of view, just letting off some steam. Am I the only one who hates seeing older men, ugly, fat, balding looking at or being with younger attractive girls? Like in porn seeing a hairy or older out of … [Read More...]

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